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70s Tailoring

One of the references for our Spring Summer collection was tailoring from the 1970s, typified by exaggerated lapels, flared trousers and the revolution of synthetic fabrics. This might not all sound like what you’d expect in a Checks collection, but it was more the matte coloured suiting in distinctly ‘70s colours set off with wide lapels that influenced us and has a distinct feeling of dressed-up style come Springtime. In our minds anyway.

You can see the influence in our double-breasted wool suits in shades of aubergine and sage, naturally we took the parts of the era that felt relevant to us and then put it through the Checks filter to make it feel right for now. Being a relaxed, casual fit with a boxy fitting jacket and a cropped pant, designed for wearing over a hoodie or just a tee as the mercury rises. Pro tip – try our Gold Moneyman Pendant & Chain and a singlet for some real Miami vibes.

Maybe it’s the disco haze of the era that ties back to some of the other elements that tend to proliferate our warm weather collections – statement jewellery, printed shirts and short shorts. We’re thinking of black and white dance floors, mirror balls, Studio 54, Saturday Night Fever.