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Autumn 2020 - Inspiration.

The Autumn ‘20 collection takes reference from the great outdoors, particularly clothing made for activity as manufacturing was industrialized, themes of this era from the ‘50s through the ‘80s also find their place in the collection including iconography from science fiction and the Rave scene. This is all harnessed through the lens of hip hop and street culture in a rangey but focused collection that includes air force one pendants and all-over print garments alongside mohair cardigans and tweed slacks. Continuing to bend the references that inform the brand through one collection, familiar but feeling new.

This collection also involves some exciting changes, including splitting our seasonal collections by quarter, so Autumn being a separate range to Winter. Allowing us to offer products more focussed to the season and an even more frequent release calendar that is specific to the time of year and what our customers are responding to. We have also expanded our production capabilities allowing us to add knitwear, custom jersey items along with denim and leather goods (more to come on those two later) into the product range. The goal is to reach a more complete product offering that shows the full range and vision of Checks, with some of the gaps between a suit and a hoodie fleshed out.

Standout items include a deep-pile fleece vest with split colour block construction. Our main gripe with traditional fleece vests of this type was that they tend to be very stiff and scratchy, this version of fleece is butter soft almost like a lamb’s coat, giving it an extra feeling of luxury atypical from the traditional outdoor purveyors variations. Finished off with all the hallmark details you would expect from a fleece – chunky Vislon zip front and pockets, stretch piping on the hems and set off by our signature clear Checks PVC label.

One of the pieces that has been talked about the most since the release of our campaign imagery is the striped mohair cardigan. We were very specific about the type of mohair used for this cardigan, with a high mohair content, this gives it a very fluffy feel and a thick substantial weight. Kid mohair is the fibre from the first shearing of a young goat, it has incredible qualities, being less irritable on the skin compared to wool, resistant to wrinkling and pilling and providing good insulation even when wet. This sort of item signifies everything Checks is about, heavy in texture and pattern with an offbeat colour combination, the cardigan is the type of item that bridges different styles and looks together – pairing perfectly with a t-shirt and jeans as it will a pair of suit pants and dress shoes.

An old favourite also sees it’s return this season with our realtree camo pants, this time around featuring a baggier fit and carpenter pocket details, complete with antique brass rivets. The camouflage pattern used is an original pattern with a more blown up scale, featuring a bit more negative space and a heavier base fabric, we think it is an improvement on our previous iteration. The collection is rounded out with large graphic printed items, additions to our popular pendant jewellery offering, new accessories and a more complete offering in our Classics range. These are the kind of items we have strived to offer for a long time and informed by what you, our customers are reacting to and requesting.

Following on from customer feedback, we are also now able to offer this product which we consider our best yet at an even better price. We’ll expand on how we were able to achieve this in a subsequent journal post – in the meantime look forward to upcoming releases as we continue to drop product from this collection through until the end of April.