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Top 5 Shoes To Buy

When it comes to shoes right now and thinking towards summer we’re favouring classic silhouettes, low profile shapes that have been popular for decades and tend toward the original colour-ways of the model. Perhaps it’s time to detox from the collab frenzy of the past few years and constant rotation of resell platforms, it’s natural to think that the evolution from this will be a pendulum swing back to classic evergreen styles. We find that clothes can be a more effective place to add a statement in your outfit and shoes work well as a platform. These sorts of shoes are the kind that each brand built their name off and could have been worn in the same iteration by your father. The beauty in all of these shoes is that you can go to almost any shoe store and pick a pair up without fuss or waiting in any line or the use of a bot to procure them.

Vans Authentics

Maybe the most important and underrated shoes on the list right now, keep a pair of the canvas Authentics in your wardrobe and you’ll be sure to thank us when you’re able to wear them with anything in your closet. Originally made as a deck shoe using sailing canvas, it was adopted as the original skate shoe for its resilience and flat waffle sole providing adequate grip.
We rate the cream pair with blue stripe, they’re the kind of shoe where priced at a bit over $100, you can thrash them and replace just as easily. They look best a bit knocked in – remember to avoid the similar-looking model called the Era with its chunky padded collar..

Black Penny Loafers

A pair of black penny loafers is one of a few pairs of formal shoes that you need at this stage. Being one of the most casual of leather-soled shoes with their laceless slip-on styling and penny strap – tying back to their favour among the Ivy League prep schools. This casual-formal nature makes them prime for pairing will all ends of your wardrobe, you can’t beat em with a pair of heavily worn blue jeans or even a pair of shorts in summer. We suggest much like the rest of this list to stick to one of the brands that has been making them for decades.

Adidas Gazelle

If you want a classic tennis sneaker, it should have either three white or black stripes on the side. The heroic German brand having a bunch of models that have Mount Rushmore status. From the once forgotten to Phoebe Philo condoned to starter pack approved Stan Smith, to our other personal favourite with it’s fütball vibe the Samba. But you can’t beat the combination of black suede and white leather, the Gazelle with its sleek shape and foam-like tongue is a shoe that you could put in any generation and it will look fresh and crisp. Truth be told right now people might not be looking out for this kind of shoe from Adidas, but it’s always more fun to duck when others dive.

Birkenstock Bostons

Possibly our absolute favourite summer shoe, the Birkenstock, particularly the closed-toe Boston model with all it’s orthopedic appeal. Almost any Birkenstock model would work for this list, generally, we recommend opting for a suede variation over the commonly seen leathers. Suede adding a bit of textural variation to your outfit and being a more casual textile it lends to the style it’ll be worn in and loses a bit of the German tourist connotation that tends to come along with the black or brown leather two strap versions. An exception to this rule being the Boston in its black leather variation which is perfectly suited to the mule shape, and extra practical being a closed-toe shape. This style can be a bit of an acquired taste with its sort of extreme paddle-like toe shape, but that’s where all its appeal lies. The shoe works just as well sockless as it does with a pair of heavy socks – shorts, jeans, work pants, even the Fleece Gibson approved move of pairing them with a suit.

Doc Martens 3 Eye Gibson

The unbeatable work shoe that has had so many cultural moments is probably the only leather lace-up shoe you need in our books. The low top 3 Eye Gibson model in black or cherry red with yellow stitching atop the signature air-weir sole is the way to go, the clunky round toe shape still carries that Punk energy. You’ll look cool simply pairing it with some jeans and a t-shirt or maintain that punk feeling with a cardy or flannel shirt. These still hold a place on a summer shoe list as they look rad with a pair of baggy shorts and high socks, and will just as confidently hold you down in the darkest days of winter.

This list isn’t intended to be a be-all-and-end-all although you could probably happily live with only these shoes, but more that it is the best base and then if you add something more eye-grabbing that you’d wear once a fortnight you’ve already got your bases covered and aren’t left feeling like you’re rinsing those crazy heaters again. Trust me, we know that feeling all too well. This might seem a bit uncharacteristic if you follow our tastes closely but generally, you’ll notice these shoes pop up again and again, maybe mixed in with a pair of leopard print loafers...

This content was created in conjunction with Hype DC, you can find these shoes directly from their online store or in-store around the corner on Queen Street. If you’re looking for the full outfit to match – you know where to find us!